Celebrating 10 years


Retail Intelligence

Retailers constantly struggle to improve customer experience and measure engagement metrics. Mezino’s ‘FootMetrics’ platform enables retailers to achieve 360 retail intelligence, analytics and improve marketing ROI.

Web Apps

More than 100 man years of combined technical experience working on top of the line applications and 20 man years of combined user centric design experience puts us in a great place to deliver the most challenging web based apps.

Mobile Apps

We are proud iOS and Android app development partners of multiple inventors where we delivered more than 4 large scale applications in last one year in addition to medium and small scale applications.


Having delivered on more than 50 Ecommerce projects in last five years we do not hesitate to take on any Ecommerce challenge no matter how complex the requirement is, how tough the timeline is and how big the goal is.



Footmetrics is a product of mezino which empowers retailers to optimize the shopping experience and improve profitability through data-driven insights.



Mezino have been a real pleasure to work with. They were very clear about what I would receive up front and delivered accordingly without any deviation. I trust them and they are honest brokers. They made my entire digital platform from scratch. It is a massive undertaking and they have exceeded at it. I have made them my official team and can’t see myself with anyone else.

Nathan Reaven – HearJapan – Japan

I am not a computer expert and never used Apple phones before I met this company but I can say that they have been very very clever in assisting me and giving me recommendations that they know I should employ to make the product better. They actually care about the product and are able to advise and develop matters that are better than I would have stated in the first place.

Jag Judge – CLASS500 – United Kingdom