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Navigating the Blockchain Engineer Market: Hiring the Best Blockchain Developers in 2022

There is not only a huge demand for blockchain developers but a huge demand for the right people who have the necessary skills. Here is how you can hire the best blockchain developers.

Blockchain, decentralization, and different forms of peer-to-peer technology have been on the rise. While they are nothing completely new and can be considered a small form of evolution of existing work. Due to this, Blockchain itself is something a majority of those who are involved in computer science and software can learn relatively easily. Adding terms such as Blockchain engineer and blockchain developer to your lexicon, however, makes it a quicker, straightforward process to find developers who choose to specialize within in Blockchain field.

A significant majority of companies have already fully embraced the changes brought about by blockchain, and there have been many projects revolving around blockchain and crypto. Because of this, there is great demand for blockchain developers, as adopting and implementing blockchain is going to be a vital part of the next evolution of both the Internet and technology.

When it comes to navigating through different platforms for Blockchain developers, including the types of developers as well, there are a few key steps to take and facts to keep in mind in order to make the process a smooth journey.

Which Type of Developer Is Right for You?

The types of developer roles for Blockchain engineers tend to fall into two categories:

  • Development of Blockchain technology (e.g. Ethereum)
  • Development of decentralized applications (dApps)

The first type of Blockchain developers have intimate knowledge of the processes required for recording information and creating digital ledgers, and then distributing their duplicates; essentially, this is core Blockchain technology.

dApps are apps that run through the use of smart contracts and rely on existing blockchain platforms.

While there is high demand for both, developing dApp is less complicated for those already working with software to learn.

More importantly, most companies are not looking to create an entire blockchain itself but wish to utilize existing ones and store their data and information on them, such as smart contracts, which dApps are perfect for.

Which Skills Should You Look for in Blockchain Developers?

The way Blockchain works and all of its variations and extensions are complicated, and while most software developers are still able to pick it up, it is a very steep learning curve. Because of this, there is not only a huge demand but a huge demand for the right people who have the necessary skills.

An extremely talented developer will have an excellent understanding of Blockchain technology. Rust C++ is probably used heavily.

An Understanding of Blockchain Technology

This may be a given, and it may seem too basic, but you can’t expect to find a skilled, successful blockchain developer unless they understand how blockchain and decentralized networks work.

Having knowledge of the various types of blockchains and their respective use cases is essential, and the developers that you are considering for hire should know core blockchain development concepts such as distributed ledger technology, consensus algorithms, and security for peer-to-peer networks.

Proficiency in High-Level Programming Languages

C++, C#Java, JavaScript, Golang, Python, Ruby, and Solidity are some of the most popular programming languages for blockchain development. 

These are heavily used, and a talented Blockchain developer will be skilled in utilizing them properly and writing extremely efficient and quality code.

Comprehension of Cryptography

The reason that Blockchain is so renowned for its secureness is because it relies on cryptography, which makes it impossible for any third party to interfere with the data that is being sent between the senders and receivers of data. Hence, a good blockchain developer needs to have a strong understanding of cryptography and other security principles.

Given how far Blockchain technology has evolved and will continue to evolve, businesses should require that the developers they hire thoroughly comprehend cryptography and value this as a skill.

Knowledge of Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are digital, self-executing contracts that contain all of the terms and conditions of the agreement between parties. These are one of the most important aspects of Blockchain technology, and they are also one of the most noteworthy features when it comes to distinguishing Blockchain technology from traditional databases, which is why it is imperative to hire developers who understand how to write smart contracts.

This is also a key skill set when it comes to working with dApps, which is one of the major categories where blockchain is implemented by businesses, and because it is becoming more and more common, this is a vital talent to have.

A Firm Grasp on Data Structures

A good blockchain developer will be able to regularly work with various forms of data structures because the entire Blockchain network is made up of data structures; even one singular block in the Blockchain is in essence a data structure on its own. 

As these data structures are what form the foundation of Blockchain, it is imperative that the developers you consider for hire have a strong foundation and grasp on them.

How to Find Freelance Blockchain Engineers for Hire

Blockchain developers are the same as other software engineers for hire in that they can be found on various freelance platforms. For example, Gaper is a popular platform with a vast pool of talent where you can find and hire the best Blockchain developers for your project.

However, in addition to freelance platforms, there are a number of marketplaces that are much more specialized towards finding Blockchain developers as well.


X-Team is a marketplace with a focus on connecting businesses with freelance Blockchain developers. They provide a means for businesses to build full-time development teams to get any web development project done.


CodementorX is an online platform that congregates coders and Blockchain developers and connects them with “mentors” and clients to work with on projects, on a freelance basis. It allows businesses to find experts to help bring ideas into existence, build features for existing products, and more.


An AI-powered software development platform, DevTeam. Space can be a good choice for businesses that are looking to hire Blockchain developers. It has blockchain programmers that have experience in all key technologies, as well as with the entire Blockchain development process.

Appealing Yourself to Blockchain Engineers 

While in this day and age, there is no shortage of Blockchain engineers and developers, many businesses are still facing difficulties when it comes to finding a developer to work with. This is largely due to the fact that, because of the nature of freelance work, these developers are being presented with many choices for who to work with. And because of this, many companies find themselves facing fierce talent competition. 

The first impression that a potential developer will have of your company is the job listing. While you may not be searching for talent on general platforms, and instead choose to focus on those that cater to businesses looking for Blockchain engineers, in particular, it is still important to post job listings in as many marketplaces as you can.

Popular platforms, such as Indeed, may not be dedicated to Blockchain developers, but they have good traffic. Imbuing your company’s personality and values into your post can quickly put you on a freelance developer’s radar. Similarly, posting on smaller, more local job boards can help you stand out as a promising company to work for in the eyes of developers within certain regions.


Is there a future for blockchain developers?

There are greater job opportunities than there have been due to the record-high demand for blockchain engineers. Given that robotics engineers are now in high demand. This, indicating the demand for blockchain and robotic engineering will only continue to grow. 

How much do freelance blockchain developers make?

Freelance blockchain developers earn $30- $59 per hour.

 Is blockchain development difficult?

Learning Blockchain development is per se not that difficult to get a hang of. However, the idea of developing and designing a blockchain isn’t as complicated as you would have anticipated. Once you have a background in web programming using languages like C, C++, Java, Python, NodeJS, and Go, the skill even gets simpler to pick up.

 Is Python good for blockchain?

Since anybody may add to the chain without the transactions being processed in parallel, Python is a flexible and quick language that will be helpful for blockchain. Python enables programmers to construct a basic blockchain in around 50 lines of code.

Does Google Hire Blockchain developers?

Yes, Google does hire blockchain developers. In fact, the search giant has been hiring blockchain developers for quite some time now. Google is interested in the technology because it is secure, transparent, and immutable. Moreover, Google believes that blockchain could play a role in the future of online transactions.

Is it worth learning blockchain in 2022?

There is no doubt that blockchain technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Industries are quickly adopting it to improve efficiency and security. It is worth considering learning blockchain in 2022 if you are interested in the technology and want to stay ahead of the curve. Moreover, there is little competition for jobs in this field. Blockchain developers earn at the top of the market.


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