What is CLASS?

"CLASS" is an iPhone and android app developed to replace tangible visiting cards with something virtual and ever lasting. It helps you exchange phone numbers and chosen profile details with one another by a simple press of a button. In no more than seven seconds one can see the details of the other person along with his social profiles in their respective phone books.

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User Experience

No matter how functional and promising an app is, users will balk at complex interfaces and steep learning curves. This issue was at its height in CLASS due to an enormous list of features to be included. We used a few technological tricks, like prioritise the usage of each feature, keep the main features at the top, make the interfaces as simple as possible. This included multiple iterations of UX development and refinement.

Wireframing the User Interface

Wire frames are where we explore individual interface elements and how they'll come together to form the actual screens users interact with. CLASS' unique functionality and ground breaking navigational structure came out of an iterative process whereby we used A/B testing methods.

We finally settled on our current wire-frame where the app looks so elegant and simple despite the fact that it holds so many complex processes and functionalities at the same time.


Bringing it together

Our designers can't help but think about final design while they work on wireframes. So, much of the work in the design phase is about bringing those wires to life by adding color, textures, gradients, fonts, and other elements of polish to make this application just awesome.

Aesthetics were carefully crafted to create cohesive brand while directing a user's eye towards the important parts of the screen. Another key part of the process is indicating functionality. For example, the timer on the screen keep the users engaged rather than leaving them uncertain of the process.

More Polish

With the user interface fully designed, the real fun begins. We review every single screen for opportunities to add shine, polish, and a little bit of magic--from the way the transference of data is seen on the screen to the categorized storage of the contacts.

Much of our polish is almost invisible to the user. They don't notice it, but they'd certainly notice if it was missing. All the contacts are aligned in personal and business sections at the time of transfer. Moreover, all the app contacts and app data are backed up on CLASS cloud.