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Application Infrastructure

Application Infrastructure is a significant constituent of software implementations that encompass the essential technologies to put together as well as supervise applications and services that serve the objectives of the client.


Cloud applications presents the businesses the opportunity to be:

  1.  Scalable
  2. Efficient Spike handling
  3. Cost optimized

Mezino helps you take full advantage of these benefits by assessing enterprises for their readiness. Additional we prioritize areas that are a good fit for the Cloud. Furthermore Mezino team will also define business drivers very clearly so the clients can understand how infrastructure is aligned with their business needs.

We have extensive experience working with

  1. IaaS like Amazon Web Services, Rackspace etc
  2. PaaS platforms like Heroku, Google App Engine etc
  3. CDN like Amazon S3, Akami etc
  4. Cloud based Load Balancers
  5. Horizontal Scaling

Dedicated servers

At Mezino we suggest, arrange and manage dedicated servers that give you wide options to choose from. You can opt for entry-level single processor servers or quad proc, hex-core, or  even GPU-powered workhorses. We have specialized server experts to make sure we have minimal or no downtimes and we manage things efficiently on our staging and production servers.

Hybrid Architectures

If you’re building hybrid architecture, and you want global distribution Mezino has skills to help you do that. The global private networks are deployed so our client can communicate directly and securely with offices all over the world.

Automated live backups

We stick to the servers who provide minimum downtime and ensure data safety. However we write automated backup services to make sure we frequently backup our data. Data backup plan is develop to ensure efficiency and ease of access. In case of large data incremental data backup methodologies are developed to make efficient use of resources.

Scalable Linux® and Windows® infrastructure

Mezino caters to clients’ needs for 32- and 64-bit operating systems. Every operating system is offered with free update services. This allows for secure, timely updates without utilizing public bandwidth allotments.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipeline

Continuous Integration is a significant pillar in a successful project. It is all about knowing whether the latest checkins are working in favor or against the project. It is only once we know that we are able to fix mistakes quickly. This is important to reduce costs and avoid problems in the long run. In addition, with the recent popularity of continuous delivery and continuous deployment, it is becoming even more common to ship fixes and features to customers more quickly.

However, putting this all in place not only requires knowledge of techniques and tools but also a shift in mindset throughout the team and organization that we at Mezino have.

Learning how to cope with these changes, understanding how to work efficiently with tools and putting in place good practices for CI/CD can have a drastic improvement on your project, team and organization.