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Design and Usability Process

Design & Usability Process

Usability and design are the heart of any application in todays world. We maintain a very dynamic and innovative User Experience development empower our clients with the data, tools and the skill to do well on the WWW. We are fanatical about what we do; our focal point is ensuring our clients get the maximum benefits out of the services. We are driven by results.


Sketching out a rough design is how all success stories at Mezino start. But for that we have to lay out a very loose base for our designs with idea generation. Standard practice is that we draw up a basic layout/navigation structure as introduction to a design. In some cases we present the overall concept of a design. Both methodologies aim for rapid feedback from the clients and users. Feedback helps us take the idea and define it according to the preferences expressed.


Mezino has to its credit several successful designs and concepts backed by measurable results that benefitted our client’s businesses manifolds. Our design process that kicks off with definition of concept/idea generation develops further into the following design processes:


In the wireframing process the ideas move from the basic sketch stage to something that looks and feels a bit more substantial. As the design gains more structure what we are working towards becomes more tangible. The clients/users gain greater understanding of how the idea will function in real.

Web design is an evolving art. While a keen eye for color, typography, and layout will always be important, these skills are being trumped by a need to understand user motivations. It isn’t enough to build a site and wait for traffic to role in — sites must help users achieve their goals, with a minimum of cognitive friction. Mezino can help web professionals define these goals, and create a killer experience, too.


When we move on to prototyping the design is turned into something where links are clickable. We observe how the sites are interacted with by its users. This helps evaluate how the sites are being used and understood, consequently more judgments about what is or is not working are made. The overall experience is optimized.

Usability Testing

We integrate usability testing into our workflow in a way that suits the way we work, the excellence we aim to achieve as well as the budget and timetable set out. We like to think of ourselves as evangelists of Usability testing since we believe it can:

  • show the clients the worth of the work we do
  • perk up overall designs and usability
  • speed up our development phase
  • save funds

A/B Testing

We are big advocates of A/B Testing when it comes to developing your own products. In A/B testing different versions of the same features/user experience are created. Audience response is recorded and data is closely reviewed in order to pick the features which works best for our target audience. A/B testing is the most important step in producing user centric designs. It is a method to validate that any new design or change to an element on your webpage is improving your conversion rate before you make that change to your site code.
A/B Testing takes the guesswork out of website optimization and enables data-backed decisions that shift business conversations from “we think” to “we know.”