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Reporting and Delivery

Reporting and Delivery

Mezino is a devoted group of professionals who keep deriving context and meaning from social data as a focal point. In this journey we scrutinize brand, campaign, influencers, and engagement.

A significant factor to delivering software development that wins is achieving true visibility into the status of the project. In order to assist clients in decreasing project risks we aim to take charge of product quality, budgets and schedules. Our teams present a variety of detailed reports on daily, weekly as well as monthly basis. This reporting format helps us keep our delivery per customers’ specific requirements.

Our reporting is in accordance with our pledge to keep transparency in our operations; we are relentlessly working on giving clients a well-rounded experience that is holistic in its approach. Our customers have right of entry to all pertinent project information by means of our comprehensive and inclusive reporting.

For a long time we have been visualizing, designing along with delivering custom solutions for our clients’ toughest challenges, our track record says it all. Our thriving track record reflects a results-oriented set-up that services both the biggest companies in the world, as well as rising businesses.

We combine thinking that is cutting edge, tried and tested practices and approaches and best suitable technologies to give our clients:

  1. A competitive edge

  2. New customer experiences which are exciting

  3. Business powered by the latest technologies

  4. Solutions available in the simplest way possible

Our delivery network is all-inclusive: we design, we develop, we support and we maintain technology solutions for our clients. Our delivery model brings together a team with both onshore and offshore talent so we can provide universal reach to our clients. Mezino has the best technical talent available at the greatest value.