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Embedded Systems
Real-Time Processing
Safety crucial systems like medical devices
RTOS (MicroC OS, ThreadX, VxWorks, Nucleus, Linux, Embedded Linux)
IoT, Cloud, and AppConnectivity
Communication protocol stacks
Software Abstraction Layers

We team have contributed to following medical devices:

1) Peritoneal Dialysis Machines (Both Hemodialysis and Peritoneal)
2) Insulin Pumps
3) Artificial Pancreas (Closed loop Insulin Delivery System)
4) Hemodialysis Systems (Kidney Dialysis)
5) Robotic-assisted Minimally Invasive surgical equipment (like da Vinci Surgery)
6) Porting of RTOS, implementing application level software for various systems

We have worked on following technologies:

Domains: Medical Devices, Data Collection, Low level Embedded Software using C/C++, Databases, communication interfaces, Safety Critical Systems, Realtime and deterministic systems, Signal Processing, Code optimization, Computer Vision/Machine Vision, and RTOS
Cloud Agents: Axeda Connector and Axeda Gateway. Amazon S3 and Amazon Dynamo
RTOS: Mentor Graphics Nucleus Plus, Mentor Graphics VRTX, Mentor Graphics Nucleus OSEK, ThreadX, Linux, MicroC OS
Architectures: ARM, IT, Freescale Coldfire and Motorola 68k Some familiarity with PowerPC, MIPS and Intel
Processors: Coldfire: MCF5235, MCF5275, MCF5485, MCF5307 & MCF5471
ARM: ARM926EJS, ARM920T, ARM720T, ARM9328MXL 68K: MC68360 & MC68320
Languages: C/C++, Assembly Language and Java
Working Knowledge: Seagate Crystal Reports, MS Project, Rational Rose, MS SQL Server, Visual C++ (Windows programming), Test Track, Seapine Surround, Visual SourceSafe and MS Visio
Debuggers & Tools: XRAY, Debugger, Code Lab Debugger, Nucleus Edge Debugger, Wind River Single Step Debugger, Metrowerks CodeWarrior, Microtec Tools, Wind River Diab Tools, GNU and Real View Tools
Databases: Postgres Embedded Database, SQL Lite, Oracle, MS SQL and MS Access
Device Drivers: LCD, ethernet, UART, serial port, hard disk drive, EPROM and modem
Debug interfaces: BDM, JTAG, MultiICE, P&E Cable, BDI 2000