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Mezino has a large pool of social media application developers who are focused at designing and developing professional social media networks/platforms. They work in collaboration with experienced strategists and designers to come up with customized social media engines which are suitable for any business. We also have a in house research and development and quality assurance team who ensure that everything is well connected and up to date.

Our typical social networking engine includes features of:

  • Custom Template (Content Management)
  • Custom Components Installed and Configured
  • An Integrated Custom Document Management System
  • Full Installation, configuration and styling of Social Networking site plus all associated Plugins and Modules.
  • Core Social Networking – login and registration forms, customizable member profiles with activity feeds, private messaging between members, member update emails, and the ability to follow or become friends with other site members
  • Private Messaging
  • Themes
  • Events
  • Create Private or Public Groups
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Facebook integration

The social networking engines can do a lot for you company:

  • It can build a vibrant community
  • It Encourages interaction and discussion
  • It is excellent for building a brand community
  • Works great for social groups

So we have the capability to design, develop and deliver the custom social networking platform you are looking for and build an on online community for you.