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Who we are

A group of aspiring technologists who specialize in delivering, no matter how big or small the task at hand is.

Mezino is a company with expertise in IT and considerable portfolio of successfully completed international projects. Our projects range from single-purpose tasks for small businesses to highly complex, multi-platform systems for large corporate clients. You will find the right solution with services we provide.


We are a leading custom software, web & database development company delivering world-class outsourcing services. Our services are extended to both Fortune 500 and venture start-up companies around the globe.


A trusted business partner and adviser to our customers, Mezino leverages a powerful blend of the best industry-proven practices and leading standards:

  1. distinguished business sharpness plus deep market perception,
  2. refined methodological skills with wide-ranging experience to meet all possible challenges that clients face,
  3. facilitate them to contend lucratively in the energetic IT marketplace and attain the highest return on investment.


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