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Working Environment

We are a group of talented technologists that are passionate about solving business problems using cutting edge technology. Each of us within the Mezino family strives towards these experiences on a daily basis.


We accept as true that success is a thing to be shared with the community you work with in addition to the community you work in. Our social purpose is to enrich lives. We take that task seriously.


What do you dig up when you bring together smart people, exhilarating projects, and common values? Work life at the offices of Mezino, where you have a motive to wake up early every morning, get up, go to work and stay a little late! You don’t have to believe us, ask our team members and they will tell you the same.


You walk into an open atmosphere where communication has no barriers. Work and quality matter more than coming in at the same exact time. Getting the job done is more important than working overtime. Our people are frugal. We get things done…we don’t waste time on unnecessary tasks. We are careful about costs and values. We have an open door policy. Walk-in with ideas or changes that you would like to champion and make it happen…you have our support.


Other than being brilliant at what we do, everyone at Mezino shares something special. We’ve created a collaborative working environment based on a shared set of values that engage, and inspire us. They infuse our work and our culture and they speak to the very essence of who we are as a company:

Trust: an open, supportive and honest environment

Passion: be the creator of what makes us happy

Be Intentional: plan, be positive and act!

Learning: take risks, give it our best, learn, and repeat!

Be Creative: be ingenious, edgy and push the boundaries of our ideas

Celebrate: recognize and cheer achievements and contributions